We build

We propose a new entrepreneurship paradigm that aims to transform the art of business design into a repeatable science.

We bring ideas to life and beyond

At StartupGym we are multilingual: we speak execution, marketing, operations, technology, finance, and more. We know how to start and finance a venture and how to give it the best shot to scale and succeed.

Startup Studio

We develop, launch, and scale next-generation digital enterprises by providing a centralized mix of services.

Venture fund

We invest from day zero through to Series A, focusing on DeepTech, PropTech, SAAS and AdTech.

Rethinking venture investing

We are not an incubator nor just a venture capital firm. At StartupGym we create, fund and finance innovative companies through our innovative dual model.

How we work

Building companies

Once we find a suitable idea, we validate the market, create a vertical team, acquire the first customers, scale the business and raise the capital.

Seed funding

We invest in the first rounds of our Startups. We provide capital and services according to their needs.

The Path Forward

We partner with international Venture Capital firms. Our aim is to make our Startups succeed and help them scale across national borders.

The latest

Why italian startups do not scary anyone?
Italian ecosystem

Why italian startups do not scare anyone?

Our startup ecosystem is not solid enough to create competitive companies in the world. Why is this true?

Enrico Pandian

Enrico Pandian

Chief Executive Officer

Copy, copy, copy... and then innovate!
Startup strategy

Copy, copy, copy... and then innovate!

Copying other ideas is often the best choice if you do not have enough capital to disrupt a market.

Enrico Pandian

Enrico Pandian

Chief Executive Officer

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